I always thought I would have years to write my history and wondered why I should write it anyway.

Lately I have felt that time is very short and it needed to be done and yet it is something I do not want to do.
Maybe because I am not sure how it will be received by those who read it and if it will ever be read and believed.

I was born in Prove, Utah.

My Mom had a very hard time delivering me and nearly died.

My soft spot on my head was closed so I was to have the fate of a small head and many other challenges of life.
Dad was overseas [during World War 2] flying out of India and over the hump.
For several weeks he did not know he had a daughter.

I went home to 184 West Main St, American Fork, Utah, to live at Grandpa Glen and Grandma Leila’s home.

[This is Mother's story. Remember her.]

Friday, November 29, 2013

Aunt Ann, a Parade and a Buggy, Horses, and a Baby Sister!

I lived around many Aunts and played in the back yard of the house still on Main Street. I remember that I had a hard time and Mom was often angry at me and I would run to my Aunts for comfort, especially after she whipped me for the accidents I had with wetting the bed.

Aunt Ann’s bed seemed to be so high off the floor. 0h I could get up on the bed and have some loves and knew Aunt Ann loved me and cared about me.

I played with Artile Toth and had a 1 year old birthday party. I also walked in the American Fork Steel Days parade and got a ribbon for by buggy wth my bear in it dressed up. I remember seeing my dog poisoned on the back porch and to this day I cannot understand how someone could hurt something so precious to me. I remember sitting in the tin tub in the back yard as my swimming pool.

Then the day came that my mother told me she was sorry she had me. I think I was three or four and I could not understand that statement. Too young to know you are not wanted and not know the reasons why; No matter how bad of a mother I was I always wanted my children and loved them. I am sure there were times they felt I did not want them but I did and, maybe, still do; but, they are precious to me and grow more so each day.

We moved into a new home and it felt so far away. Ralph Hunter lived on the corner and the Scotts lived up the road. There were fields with horses, and cows, and pheasants everywhere. It was fun to run and play. I had no brothers or sisters but would soon have one.
I can remember my Grandmother bought me a new pink dress and coat to go pick up my sister to bring her home. They laid the baby on my lap and she peed on my new clothes. I told them they could take her back because I did not want her. So much for my sister Leila. We are 4 years and a few weeks apart.


  1. It was much pleasanter at home, when one wasn't always growing larger and smaller, and being ordered about by mice and rabbits.

    Lewis Carroll

    *these quotes remind me of mom. "Cheeky quotes": scrolling on the blog roll - because she would like them.

  2. I'd much rather be a woman than a man. Women can cry, they can wear cute clothes, and they're the first to be rescued off sinking ships.

    Gilda Radner

  3. It's amazing how quickly the kids learn to drive a car, yet are unable to understand the lawnmower, snowblower, or vacuum cleaner.

    Ben Bergor

  4. How to heal? Childhood is rampant with confusion and sadness. Of course also rubberband stretch with joy.